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Popular 2015 slang words


2015 is coming to an end! With that being said, here’s a list of most popular 2015 slang words, commonly used by teenagers. The next time you hear someone use words such as “basic,” “slay,” or phrases such as “Netflix and chill” or “that boy’s driving me cray cray,” hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what they mean!

  1. “On fleek”

  2. Source: RealityTVGifs Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “On fleek” means being on point, perfect, or flawless (a complimenting term). The slang became popular from a Vine video posted by Peaches Monroee, in which she used “on fleek” to describe her perfect or on point eyebrows.
    Example: “Your eyebrows are always on fleek!”

  3. “Basic”

  4. Source: Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: The term “basic” is used to describe someone (or something) who is uninteresting, uncool, boring. According to Urban Dictionary, “basic’s are the typical girl that thinks they are cool because they’re artsy, can make a duck face, carry around coffee cups, and where designer brands.”
    Example: “OMG my bae is so basic! All she does is carrying Starbucks cups and taking selfies!”

  5. “Bye Felicia”

  6. Source: RealityTVGifs Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: A goodbye term given to someone that you don’t care about, have no interested in or dislike. That person’s name becomes irrelevant (you couldn’t care less what it is), so hence the random name “Felicia”. The term originally derives from the 1995 film “Friday”, starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.
    Example: “Oh you’re leaving? Bye Felicia!”

  7. “YAASSSS”

  8. Source: Ditaxparlo Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: A version of “yes” with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. You basically replace the “e” with 2 or more “a,” then add lots and lots of “s” at the end.
    Example: “My teacher let us leave early today! YAASSSSS!”

  9. “Turnt”

  10. Source: Ruinedchildhood via Giphy
    What it means: Also known as “turned up”. This term is used to describe someone feeling extremely excited and hyped up for an event (most likely a party).
    Example: “Lets get turnt at the party tonight!”

  11. “Slay”

  12. Source: Reaction Gifs via Giphy
    What it means: To kill it, destroy something, kick-ass.
    Example: “Slay girl! You rock that dress!”

  13. “Squad”

  14. Source: Redbull via Giphy
    What it means: A flashy word commonly used by teenagers to describe their clique of friends.
    Example: “Lets go shopping with the squad after class.”

  15. “Thirsty”

  16. Source: Google via Giphy
    What it means: When you’re desperate, and want something or someone very badly.
    Example: “He’s so thirsty for her.”

  17. “Cray cray”

  18. Source: Captivatingfaces Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “Cray cray” means really crazy.
    Example: “My bae’s driving me cray cray!” (My babe/ significant other is driving me crazy.)

  19. “Netflix and chill”

  20. Source: The-sword-in-the-stone Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: The code for coming over to your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ bae/ friends-with-benefits’ place to watch Neflix and have sex (well more of the sex part and less of the Netflix part).
    Example: “Hey I’m bored, wanna Netflix and chill at my place?”

  21. “Ship”

  22. Source: Avengersnation via Giphy
    What it means: Besides the obvious meaning of “a ship” – something that carries people/ cargo and floats on water, it’s also short for “relationship.”
    Example: “They have been in ‘ship for over 2 years.”

  23. “AF”

  24. Source: Sodamn-Pop Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: Short for “as f*ck”, it means “very” or “really”.
    Example: “I pulled an all-nighter last night. Now I’m tired AF!”

What do you think of the slang words list above? Will you use them in everyday’s conversations? What other slang words do you know that should be on this list? COMMENT BELOW!

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