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Popular 2014 slang words

popular 2014 slang words

Here’s a list of popular 2014 slang words, commonly used by teenagers. The next time you hear someone use words such as “bae,” “doe,” or phrases such as “turn down for what” or “we went HAM at the party last night,” hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what they mean!

  1. “Bae”

  2. Source: Chapelhilluminati Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “Bae” stands for “Before Anyone Else.” It refers to your significant other/ other half, baby/ babe, sweetie, or an important person in your life. Fun fact: It’s also a Danish word for “poop.”
    Example: “He’s my bae.” (He’s my babe/ boyfriend/ significant other)

  3. “Selfie”

  4. Source: MirrorUK via Giphy
    What it means: The act of taking pictures of yourself (sometimes also with friends, but often just of yourself). Everyone does it nowadays. Check out the “#SELFIE” song by The Chainsmokers HERE.
    Example: “But first, lemme take a selfie.”

  5. “Doe/ Dis/ Dat”

  6. Source: Ruinedchildhood via Giphy
    What it means: “Doe/ Dis/ Dat” pretty much just stand for “though,” “this,” and “that.” Because obviously “doe/ dis/ dat” sounds way “cooler” than the normal “though/ this/ that.”
    Example: “Dat feeling doe!” (That feeling though)

  7. “Turn up”

  8. Source: Badgirlsclub Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: Getting ready for a party or letting lose (also with lots of excitement and enthusiasm).
    Example: “Turn up the party!” (Lets get the party started)

  9. “Swag”

  10. Source: Justinstatto Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “Swag” loosely means the way you present yourself. Everyone uses it nowadays.
    Example: “You have so much swag.”

  11. “YOLO”

  12. Source: Blog Craniumfitted Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “YOLO” stands for “You Only Live Once.” It’s basically an excuse that people give for doing something really crazy that may lead to negative consequences. You only live once, so enjoy life and do whatever you want (and don’t care about the results afterward).
    Example: “Why are you running in the rain without wearing any clothes?” “YOLO!”

  13. “Twerk”

  14. Source: Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: Shaking your butt up and down in a provocative manner to the music. To understand more about twerking, check out Nicki Minaj’s infamous “Anaconda” video HERE.
    Example: “She’s twerking on the dance floor!”

  15. “TBT”

  16. Source: CWilberg Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “TBT” stands for “Throwback Thursday,” pretty much like reminiscing to events happened on Thursdays (or any other day of the week).
    Example: “TBT to that time when we’re binge-watching HIMYM on Netflix while sipping our home-made margarita.”

  17. “Shade”

  18. Source: Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: Acting in a mean and disrespectful manner or talking sh*ts about someone, usually when you strongly dislike that person.
    Example: “These 2 absolutely hate each other! They’ve have throwing shades at each other for days!”

  19. “Turn down for what”

  20. Source: Fox TV Animated GIF via Giphy
    What it means: “Turn down for what” is a phrase used to convey the excitement for upcoming events (which usually involve lots of partying, dancing, drinking, and smoking). Check out DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn down for what” song HERE.
    Example: “Turn down for what?” “For the party this weekend!”

  21. “HAM”

  22. Source: Tumblr via Giphy
    What it means: “HAM” stands for “Hard As Motherf*ckers.” It pretty much means doing something very hardcore.
    Example: “We went HAM at the party last night.”

  23. “Kk”

  24. Source: Huffington Post via Giphy
    What it means: “Kk” simply means “OK,” “Gotcha,” or “Cool.” You see this expression a lot in texts and chats.
    Example: “Are you down with 8pm tonight?” “Kk.” OR “Seriously? I sent you 5 paragraphs of what I wanted to tell you and your only respond is “Kk?”

What do you think of the slang words list above? Will you use them in everyday’s conversations? What other slang words do you know? COMMENT BELOW!

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