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9 more best free apps for college students


In my previous posts, I suggested a list of the best smartphone apps for study abroad and the best free apps for college students. You can read them HERE and HERE. This post contains 9 more best free apps for college students to have. These apps will help you tremendously during your (exciting yet stressful) college years, whether it’s to network with colleagues and professionals, learn a new language, track your habits or stay healthy.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn
    Source: Benzinga
    I’m sure that you have used (or at least have heard of) LinkedIn. It’s the largest professional networking platform to connect with classmates, colleagues and professionals. This is a super helpful and highly recommended app to have, especially when you attend networking events or job-recruiting events and want to keep in touch with the people you meet.

    LinkedIn is similar to a digital resume that displays your education, working experience, extracurricular involvements, honors & awards, and opportunities that you’re looking for. There’s also the Skill section for your connections to endorse you based on the skills that you listed, and the Recommendations section for your employers, colleagues, and classmates to recommend and write good words about you. I highly suggest asking your friends and connections to endorse your skills and write your recommendations (in a nice way of course) to strengthen your profile.

  3. Instagram
  4. Instagram
    Source: Get Apps on PC
    Instagram is 1 of the most popular social media platform. Users take photos and videos, edit them with different filters, and share them with followers on Instagram and other social networking platforms. This is a must-have app (if you haven’t used it already) for international students to capture and share our study abroad adventure, the places that we visit, the new food that we try, and the cool things that we experience! Check out this 23 interesting facts about Instagram Buzzfeed post.

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  5. Duolingo
  6. Duolingo
    Source: Amazon Web Services
    If you want to learn a new language but don’t have time to commit to a physical language class, Duolingo is the perfect app for you! With Duolingo, you can learn languages ranging from French, Spanish, Italian, German to Dutch, Russian and Portuguese through vocabulary, speaking and listening exercises. I’m using it to practice my French (since I haven’t used it in a long while) and also start learning new languages. What I love the most about Duolingo is its fun interactive gamification system, so instead of the dry boring textbook exercises, Duolingo uses mini-games and different levels to help us learn languages.

  7. Pocket
  8. Pocket
    Source: Engadget
    Pocket is an app that lets users save online articles from various news sources and view them offline. This is super handy when you stumble open interesting articles online but don’t have time to read them just yet. Pocket also provides article recommendations based on your previous search and saved articles. I was so happy when I discovered the app, because I always have tons of open tabs filled with articles on my laptop! Now I can easily save them and read them later in the car or when I’m free without even needing Wifi.

  9. HabitBull
  10. HabitBull
    Source: Kelsey Ads
    HabitBull is an app that encourages users to build positive habits and reduce negative habits. You simply list the habits that you want to build/ reduce (I recommend not more than 5 habits at a time, that way you can focus on them better), set your duration length, and tap on the date that you succeed in maintaining the habits. Ultimately, HabitBull allows you to track your streak of successful days in colored dots calendar form, or how many days in a week or a month that you’re able to meet your goals. It’s a clean and easy-to-use app to track your habits.

  11. Washio
  12. Washio
    Source: Brit + Co
    Washio is the Uber for laundry, with services such as dry cleaning, wash and fold, and laundered shirts. For those who have clothes that require special laundry services such as dry cleaning, instead of having to search around the area for laundry service shop, now you can easily place the order with Washio, have your clothes picked up and delivered the next day! Washio’s locations range from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston to Chicago and Washington DC.

  13. Sworkit
  14. Sworkit
    Source: MacTrast
    Sworkit, which stands for Simply Work It), is a fitness app that lets users choose pre-existed Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching workout contents, as well as creating their own workouts. After choosing a category of workout, you set the time limit that fits with your schedule, and are guided through the exercises from video instructions and audio cues.

  15. Lumosity
  16. Lumosity
    Source: Vulcan Post
    Lumosity consists of various brain training games created by scientists and game designers. You’ll get daily cognitive games that train and challenge your memory, attention, problem solving, flexibility and speed skills. You can also track your scores and get insights on your brain training. This is a fun and productive app to have for college students to get your cognitive juice flowing.

  17. IF by IFTTT
  18. IFTTT
    Source: Gadgets 360
    A really convenient and useful app to have. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It allows you to create automated “recipes” and connections with over 200 products and platforms. Some examples of IFTTT recipes could be: if I post a picture on Instagram, it will also be saved in my Dropbox, or if I pin something on Pinterest, it will be also be shared on my WordPress blog. There are tons of different recipes that you can play around with on IFTTT to automate the sharing process. I also heard that you can even turn something on/off automatically and create lights and color codes if you use the connected devices and Internet of Things products!

Are you using any of these apps? Which ones are your personal favorites? Any other apps that you think should be on this list? COMMENT BELOW!

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