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Guys you will fall for in college


College is the time for us to learn, discover, explore, be challenged, and of course, date people and fall in and out of love. You’ll have tons of opportunities to meet new people in college, and you’ll be attracted to a lot of different people. Whether it’s the cute girl sitting in front of you in lecture, the attractive barista who constantly offers you free drinks “just because”, the good-looking and dedicated president of a student organization that you joined, or the handsome European guy you meet at the gym almost every day. Ladies, below is a list of guys you will fall for in college.

Warning: Cute guys alert! This post may cause some levels of thirst ;).

  1. The dorm-neighbor

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    He lives in the same dorm that you currently resides. He either lives below/above you, or lives down the hall from your room. You make sure that you see him everyday, probably through ways such as waiting until he leaves his room so you an “accidentally” bump into him on the stairs, being in the common room the same time that he does, or stopping by his room to ask for help with carrying something heavy. Keep in mind though, that if you guys hook up and things don’t work out, you’ll still see and awkwardly bump into him (whether you like it or not) for the rest of the school year!

  3. The older guy

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    You’re a freshman, and he’s a senior. There’s something about him being older that makes you really want him and fall for him. He shares with you many helpful tips and advice on getting into the bars and clubs, getting internships, and surviving finals week, because he used to be clueless just like you and he “knows how that feel”. He acts a lot more mature and cooler than all your fellow freshman guy-friends, which is probably the reason why you fall for him.

  5. The younger guy

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    This is opposite to #2. Now you’re an upperclassman, and he’s a freshman/ sophomore/ junior – definitely younger than you. He’s goofy, and tries really hard to act cool and impress you. But there’s something about this cutie’s goofiness that makes you really like him and want to be around him.

  7. The intelligent classmate

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    You guys are in the same class(es). He goes to class early, never misses a deadline, is one of the first people to raise their hands whenever the professor asks a question, and never gets below an A-. He’s smart and is always top in class. You can easily find him working on the upcoming assignments or reading a book at the library or coffee shop. He’ll be a great study partner and a good person to have an intellectual conversation with about almost anything!

  9. The frat bro

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    This guy is in a fraternity, and he’s the ultimate definition of fun. There will rarely be a dull moment when you hang out with the frat bro. He knows how to drink, he knows how to party, and he knows how to have fun. From playing beer pong and flip cup to hosting the best house party, you name it, he knows it (and may even be an expert at it)!

  11. The good-looking barista

  12. Source: The Hip Paris Blog
    He’s a barista at a coffee shop, whether it’s Starbucks, Coffee Bean, an on-campus store, or a local shop. When it’s your turn to order, he gives you a giant bright smile, remembers you by name, and even offers you discounts and free treats once in a while. Soon, that coffee shop becomes your favorite study and hang out spot (only when he’s working of course), and you often catch yourself secretly glancing at him while he’s busy perfecting a cup of cappuccino.

  13. The athlete/gym-addict

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    You can easily find this extremely athletic guy working out for hours at the gym and playing all sorts of sports every single day. He absolutely enjoys working out and can’t go on a day without doing some sort of exercising and weight lifting. Protein shakes and protein bars are his favorite snacks. You can’t wait for him to lift up (or even better, take off) his shirt, because you know that his heavenly-looking body with perfect six-pack abs is worth drooling over. Just be aware that he’s not too in love with his body and look that he forgets everything else!

  15. The dedicated club member

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    You guys are in the same club/student organization. His enthusiasm and dedication for the club make him stand out from the other members. At first, you’re unsure of whether you’ll commit your time for the club. But after meeting him, you’re certain to spend all your free time for the club and become a dedicated member just like him. You constantly look forward to the weekly club meetings and events to see him. You may even consider applying for a leadership position for the club, because you know that he’ll also do the same (if he isn’t a board member already).

  17. The RA

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    He’s an RA (Resident Adviser) in your dorm. Besides his cuteness, you’re also attracted to his friendliness, caring, and dedication to help all the residents. You go to every single dorm meeting just to see him, as well as any other events that he organizes. You also stop by his room to hang out, ask to borrow something, or just to talk regularly, and you’re thrilled whenever he tells you a juicy RA secret.

  19. The TA

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    College TAs (Teacher Assistants) aren’t allowed to date students usually. But you can’t help but to secretly glance at the attractive grad student TA-ing for your class. You soon find yourself asking him a lot of questions (that may or may not be related to class materials) and work extra hard for the class to impress him.

  21. The artistic guy

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    He could be an artist, painter, designer, singer, musician, dancer, actor, poet, or a writer, etc., but definitely the artistic (and most likely romantic) type. You secretly wish that he’ll serenade you with his song, or sketch a portrait or write a poem for you. Keep in mind that he could be a sensitive person as well. So while he’ll compose cute love songs for you, he’ll also be very likely to write sad breakup songs with you as the main character when things don’t work out.

  23. The bad boy

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    Oh the bad boys! There’s just something about bad boys that’s really attractive for us ladies. Perhaps their mysteriousness, poker-face, and rebel attitude make us wanting to have them even more. After all, there’s a saying for “nice guys finish last,” that we’re often attracted to the bad guys first. You know that they won’t be the good boyfriends, but there’s an irrational part inside your head that tells you to still give it a shot. Perhaps we can change them into the nice guys, you know. Or not…

  25. The guy who already has a girlfriend

  26. Source: GirlsHBO.Tumblr Giphy
    He has everything that you look for in a guy: handsome, smart, caring, sweet, good personality, etc. In short, he’s pretty perfect. But there’s just a teeny-tiny problem: HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, and they look darn cute together! WHY?!

  27. The foreigner

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    You can tell right away that he’s a foreigner from his accent. The student demographic at college is typically very diverse, thus there are lots of good-looking foreigners from all around the world. Regardless of which country he’s from, you soon find yourself Wikipedia-ing his home country, start learning the language and culture, and may even be inspired to travel there! Try asking him to be your language tutor and personal tour guide if you do end up visiting his home country.

  29. The hipster

  30. Source: Jacob Cantrell Tumblr
    According to Google, the exact definition of “hipster” is “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.” So basically someone who is fashionably hip and rejects mainstream culture. If you fall for a hipster guy, he’s very likely to be wearing thick-framed glasses, tight-fitting jeans, vintage shirts/sweaters and loafers with shaggy hair. He’s also very likely to carry a handbag and a vintage-looking camera. He prefers to bike/ take the bus/ walk over driving, drink coffee/tea, and Instagram almost everything. Occasionally, he’ll also deny being a hipster.

  31. The good friend

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    He’s your best guy friend and always has your back. You feel super comfortable around him and can tell him almost anything. He’s your wing-man, emergency fake boyfriend, brother from another parents, shoulder to cry on, all-nighter squad, Netflix buddy, etc. Other people think that you guys are a couple, but you just laugh it off and defend that he’s your best friend. Everything is going well until you realize one day that you kinda like him, “more than a friend.” And that’s when things start getting a whole lot more complicated…

    And last but not least…

  33. The guy who’s not interested in women

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    Just like #13 – the guy who already has a girlfriend above, this guy is also pretty perfect. He’s handsome, smart, caring, sweet, good personality, has killer abs, etc. But there’s another teeny tiny problem: He’s gay and isn’t interested in women. Bummer! But hey, on the brighter side, he’ll be an amazing shopping buddy who gives killer fashion advice!

Did you fall for any of these guys? What types of guys are you most attracted to? COMMENT BELOW!

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