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Are you an international student currently studying abroad or thinking of studying abroad in the near future? Study Abroad Corner will provide tips and advice through blog posts to help you make the best of your study abroad experience!


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Hey there, my name is Hue (pronounced “huay”, not “hue” like how you would normally say it in English). Grew up in Vietnam, I began my study abroad journey in the U.S. at the beginning of my junior year of high school. Up until August 2014, I have spent a total of 6 years in the U.S. I lived in Orange County (O.C.) in my junior and senior of high school before moving to Los Angeles (L.A.) for college. I attended Occidental College, a small beautiful liberal arts college in Eagle Rock, in my freshman and sophomore year of college before transferring to University of Southern California (USC) near downtown L.A. in my 2 final years of college. I graduated in May 2014 as a proud Trojan with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.
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When I came back to Vietnam, I was asked a lot of questions about my study abroad experience by younger friends who planned to study abroad in the near future. So I thought, why not create a blog dedicated to international students wanting to study abroad?

So voilĂ ! Study Abroad Corner was created with the goals of providing helpful tips and advice and building a social network for fellow international students, fellow study abroaders from all around the world. This blog will not focus on getting your F1 visa, study abroad scholarships, high SAT/TOEFL scores, or getting you into your dream school. There are already plenty of other blogs and services that touch upon these aspects. Study Abroad Corner is dedicated to providing advice on how to make the best of your study abroad experience. So if you’re an international student who’s thinking about study abroad in the next few years, or an international student who just starts his/her study abroad journey, you’ve come to the right place!

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To help international students make the best of their study abroad experience of course! I have grown and learned so many things from my study abroad journey, and I want to share what I learned and the mistakes that I made with fellow study abroaders. From social topics such as how to be safe in a foreign country or what to cook when you’re in a rush, to academic topics, including how to survive finals week and how to have a stand out resume, Study Abroad Corner covers topics that an international student will find beneficial.

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Studying abroad and getting used to a new culture may not be easy at first. In fact, you may struggle to blend in and deal with culture shock. There will be times when you question your decision to study abroad, and wonder if it would be better if you had just stayed home. There will be times when you make mistakes and wish that you can turn back time to undo them. If those times come, just remember that #Yourenotalone. I have made tons and tons of mistakes during my 6 years studying abroad. There were times that I even doubted my decision at the beginning. But ultimately, this has been an amazing experience in helping me grow and equipping me with lots of useful skills in life. If I can make it, so can you! Just stay strong, learn from your mistakes, seek every opportunity that comes to you, and you’ll be able to make it through those tough times!
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I’m an avid traveler, a constant daydreamer, an art lover, and an imaginator filled with an entrepreneurial spirit. Besides keeping myself occupied by working and blogging, I love to sing with friends, meet people, and explore new eateries.

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